Natural Home remedies treatment for heavy menstrual cycles

Natural Home remedies treatment for heavy menstrual cycle

When females are heavy bleeding during menstrual periods, is known as menorrhagia. If females menstruate for more than a week and need hygienic napkin to change every hour during periods. This problem is due to hormonal imbalance during puberty, uterine fibroids and menopause. About every woman experiences at various peak and happens formerly in a whilst, it is seldom cause of concern.

Aware a alter within the next 1 or 2 cycles; make an appointment to see your doctor. You are supposed to also see your doctor if you have:

  • larger clots in your period blood or quarter-sized.
  • Due to hormonal, structural, functional.
  • Much tired or short of breath.

If having unbalanced and heavy bleeding. When spotting occurs at the beginning or near the end of a female reproductive years, such as puberty or near menopause it may be related to hormones. Always should consult doctors for instantaneous estimate.

Here are some home remedies tips for heavy periods that improve symptoms and treatment for this problem.

Always Hydrate your Body

If Female bleeds heavily for a few days, your blood capacity could get too low. Drink water daily 4-6 glass to maintain blood volume.

Drink electrolyte water like Gatorade or add more salt to your diet, are helpful for dehydration and to balance out the more fluid you’re drinking.

Add vitamin C-rich foods in your Diets

Vitamins are useful to absorb higher percentage of iron from body, help to synthesize red blood cell, which can also help to prevents anemia

Find in like oranges, Lemons, limes, pomelos and grapefruits.

Here are examples Vitamin C is:

  • red and green peppers
  • kiwis
  • strawberries
  • Brussels sprouts
  • broccoli
  • Tomato juice

Add more iron to your diet

When female heavy bleed, lose iron. Body needs to produce, a molecule that helps to produce red blood cells to carry oxygen.  Heavy periods reduce body of iron and direct to.

Signs of anemia include:

  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • pale skin

To obtain extra of this nutrient, eat like:

  • lean beef
  • oysters
  • chicken and turkey
  • beans
  • tofu
  • spinach

Reduce Cold

The best way of remedy for heavy menstrual bleeding. It is tremendously efficient as it helps in constricting the blood vessels. This in turn decreases the blood flow significantly and reduces pain in the abdomen, which can frequently come with heavy periods. Female should attempt this remedy if she occurrence heavy periods regularly.

  • Envelop a few ice cubes in a cloth or towel and tie it up.
  • Lie down and then put the constrict on your belly for about 15 minutes.
  • Proviso the symptoms persist, repeat after 4 hours.
  • Take this solvent daily to be of assistance with the symptoms of heavy periods until your cycle is over.

How we can Use Ginger in heavy Periods

As we all know we use ginger at daily basis so, it is easily available to make this tea. Ginger has dependable restorative properties that make it an incomparable regular preparation for a narrow assortment of health problems, including heavy menstrual bleeding. Its anti-inflammatory and deadening properties help in reduction abdominal cramps while its antioxidant properties remove destructive toxins from the body and condense unnecessary flow of blood during periods.

  • First, take one big piece of fresh ginger and aggravate.
  • Include water one cup and boil.
  • Allow it rumble for 5 minutes and then twist.
  • Gulp the tea 3 times in a day on a regular basis.
  • Put in ½ or 1 teaspoon of honey as your taste requirement.

How can Garlic help to maintain menstrual cycle?

In every kitchen we use garlic so, for treatment of heavy menstrual cycle we can have this. While you all know, garlic is acknowledged for its controlling medicinal and healing powers. Did you know it contains a persuasive antioxidant, allicin, which also helps in maintaining the hormonal stability in the body? It has high inefficiently dissolves polyps and fibroids and that regulates menstrual bleeding. Garlic is also known to recover generally health and keeps the body implementation accurately.

  • Consume daintily chopped cloves of five garlic piece with 1 glass of warm water every morning.
  • Replicate this process daily awaiting your menstrual cycle is ended.
  • You will observe perfection in your circumstance when you pursue this easy preparation on a habitual basis.

How is useful for Menstrual cycle Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a shrub that comes from the branches of the tree superb natural remedy for heavy periods. Comparable to the other home remedies for heavy periods, and for fungal infection etc. Cinnamon is to be tremendously valuable in treating an amount of ailments and circumstances related to blood. It is very useful amendable and normalizing blood flow when enthusiastic throughout menstrual periods.

  • Take 200ml of boiling water and add 1 stick of cinnamon
  • Boil these for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Eliminate the stick and swallow the tea even as warm.
  •  Imbibe cinnamon tea 2 times a day during your period to stop unnecessary bleeding.

Is there Mustard Seeds is helpful for heavy menstrual cycle?

Did you all know that mustard seeds used for their exclusive therapeutic properties of variety to treat of ailments. It helps in maintaining hormonal balance in the body and also reducing estrogen levels because it has omega-3 fatty acids. As well as Mustard seeds helps in maintaining the health of the uterus also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that improve serious or heavy blood flow. Mustard seeds are an enormous remedy should try out if you are suffering from heavy periods on a regular basis.

  • Take some mustard seeds to form a fine powder.
  • Include ½ a teaspoon of the powder and mix it to ½ a cup of curd or pure yogurt.
  • Add a bit of salt and mix the mixture well.
  • Scoff the mixture 2 times daily.
  • Reiterate every day only in during your menstrual cycle.


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